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Meet Diana


My aim is to help you live better for longer, enjoy the journey and create opportunities along the way.

I specialise in wellbeing and fitness for those aged 50 and beyond, and I have a passion for inspiring people to enjoy a happy healthy lifestyle. At 57 years old I am the busiest I have been for a very long time and I love what I do. During these unprecedented times emotional wellbeing can be difficult to maintain. Taking gradual steps and setting small realistic goals towards healthy changes can make all the difference. Please view my short video below to learn more….

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There are three crucial elements that will increase your chances of having a relatively trouble-free and independent old age.

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Nutrition healthy eating
Individual exercise,
nutrition & wellbeing plan


Together we can create a Wellbeing Plan

to help you enjoy a healthier happier longer life by eating well, exercising and adopting a positive attitude to life, its problems and opportunities.

A goal without a plan is a wish!