Aged 50-95?

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Fitness50 can set goals to meet your exercise needs

We'll set you an individual fitness plan taking into consideration any health conditions or restrictions you may have.

START NOW, and say goodbye to getting old

Physical functioning is the key to your health and quality living

Ageing in a sedentary lifestyle leads to loss in strength, functionality, frailty & dependence.

Invest in your health and longevity today.

There are 4 aspects of fitness that work together to keep you fit:

STAMINA – your cardiovascular fitness

STRENGTH – essential for your muscle power and endurance

FLEXIBILITY– so muscles and joints don’t stiffen

BALANCE and COORDINATION – maintaining posture and preventing falls

Our sense of balance gets worse as we age, partly because of a deterioration in the inner ear therefore it is extremely important to build balance exercises into your routine.



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